Congratulations on accomplishing your Master of Social Work degree!

Now is the time to find a supervisor who will meet your needs and help propel you on your professional path as a social worker. The supervision experience is as unique as the person seeking it. I am able to provide supervision to LLMSWs who are looking to receive full licensure. Supervision is an opportunity to explore your professional identity as a social worker, improve your skills, and develop the foundation for your career. 

The supervision process starts with an interview so we can make sure the supervision experience will benefit you. We will work together to establish trust and rapport, build your confidence as a social worker, and explore areas with countertransference. 

I work best with those who are looking to develop careers in hospice and palliative care, grief therapy, trauma-informed therapy, children of toxic parents, mindfulness meditation, contemplative psychotherapy, and holistic psychotherapy.