People often find themselves seeking therapy when they are struggling and feeling stuck. In a confidential and compassionate environment, we can explore ourselves to better understand the changes we need to make in our lives. Therapy is an opportunity to develop enhanced self-awareness, improve self-worth, make effective changes in our lives, and improve relationships. 

benefits of therapy...

Develop a better understanding of your brain.
When we have a good understanding of how our brain works, it helps us identify tools and solutions to problems. In therapy, you will receive education on how your brain works, including thoughts, emotions, and connections to other body systems.

Improves Overall Health
We know the largest culprit of chronic physical illness is stress. When we learn to manage our stress we reduce physical symptoms of illness, such as aches and pains, trouble with sleep, and issues with appetite. We also can prevent future chronic disease by reducing stress responses in the body.

Clarity of Mind
If we are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, or chronic pain we struggle to feel at peace and struggle with focus. Therapy will teach you how to work with thoughts, emotions, and sensations so you can regain clarity and focus.

Improved Mood
Therapy will provide you the exploration, skills, and tools for improving your mood. Happiness is an action, and therapy can provide you the guidance and space to discover joy in your life. 

Increased Resiliency
When we have experienced major life stressors or trauma we can feel like we've lost our ability to bounce back. Therapy can help you develop a resiliency mindset and behaviors to improve your self-confidence.

Self-Compassion & Authenticity
We live in a culture and society that preys upon our vulnerabilities and makes us feel poorly about ourselves. We may have also come from families that did not provide us the ability to love ourselves. In therapy, we can develop loving-kindness for ourselves to feel we are worthy. When we can free ourselves of anxiety and fear, we feel more positive and have improved relationships.

Overcome Traumas
When we experience trauma, it can feel like it is going to last our entire lives. There is a life free of trauma, and it takes a trauma-informed and educated therapist to make sure you can have a life free of symptoms and shame, and also full of vitality and hope. Trauma therapy begins with developing feelings of safety and developing coping skills to overcome traumatic triggers. Trauma therapy also involves improving relationships and developing a resiliency narrative. 

Improved Relationships
When we feel good about ourselves, it easily translates into our relationships. Whether it is improving communication skills, developing boundaries, or increasing our compassion, therapy can be an opportunity to develop more intimate and respectful relationships.